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“It has created a humanitarian and human rights catastrophe, traumatized a generation of children, and accelerated the global food and energy crises”, she told ambassadors.,casino spiele für zuhause,Various coercive or fraudulent methods are used to obtain consent, including abduction, deception, abuse of vulnerability and the receiving of payments or gifts. ,Civil society organizations which may have previously helped victims of violence are unable to operate. And the domestic violence shelters that have been able to remain open are often full; shelter managers are not equipped and scared to take in new victims because of the virus..

For instance, in November 2015, Gambia banned and subsequently criminalized female genital mutilation. Many other African countries also now have legislation that that forbids the practice.,UN Humanitarian Coordinator Martin Griffiths, who briefed ambassadors, reported on the ongoing hardships and uncertainty facing Afghans, nearly half of whom – 24 million people – require aid relief to survive. ,The Special Rapporteur described a pattern in which the Belarus Government suppresses civil society, curtailing women’s civic and political rights – most notably their freedom of assembly, association and expression.,ipl t20 kkr team tomorrow.

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Asked if he believed Russia will allow the agency to see what is really happening there, Mr. Grossi responded that his team is made up of very experienced people. ,ipl t20 kkr match schedule,“People’s sense of safety and security is at a low in almost every country, with six in seven worldwide, plagued by feelings of insecurity”, she stated..

“At its core, violence against women and girls in all its forms is the manifestation of a profound lack of respect­ ­– a failure by men to recognize the inherent equality and dignity of women,” Mr. Guterres said at a special event at UN Headquarters observing the Day, which highlights that violence against women is as serious cause of death and incapacity as cancer, among women of reproductive age.,“I urge the parties, along with regional States and the broader international community to take concrete steps that will change the negative trajectory on the ground and have an immediate impact on Palestinian and Israeli lives, while, at the same time, ensuring these steps are anchored in a political framework that moves the parties forward towards the establishment of two States.” ,ipl t20 kkr team tomorrow,• Please read the full wrap up of CSW62 from UN Women here..

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Mr. Dujarric said the UN regrets the decision. ,“We need to encourage and support girls and women achieve their full potential as scientific researchers and innovators. Women and girls need this, and the world needs this, if we are to achieve our ambitions for sustainable development on a healthy planet,” he stated.,“Persistent harmful socio-cultural norms, stigma, misconceptions and taboos around menstruation, continue to lead to exclusion and discrimination of women and girls”, said the independent human rights experts, ahead of International Women’s Day on 8 March..

casino spiele für zuhause,The Secretary-General called on the “many gifted storytellers in our community to help us tell our stories,” and to help the UN “shine a light on these important issues.”,Click here to see this year’s commemorative events around the world..

And on 31 December, during hostilities in the Kherson region, two children were injured – one of them a 13-year-old boy who was evacuated to the children’s hospital in Kherson, which itself was shelled in the early hours of New Year’s Day, said Mr. Haq, citing the regional governor.  ,These include reported rapes and gang rapes of protesters, women’s human rights defenders and women medical personnel working in hospitals near the sit-in perpetrated by the “Rapid Support Forces” or RSF – a paramilitary group run by the Sudanese Government, primarily composed of the Janjaweed, a party to the Darfur conflict – and other militias.,While continuing to count on international support to implement, extend, and expand the current truce, Hans Grundberg underscored the “need to end the conflict, not merely manage it”..

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The Foreign Minister further called for the situation between Iraq and Türkiye to be included on the Security Council’s agenda, and for the Turkish government to provide recompense for the damage caused in the wake of the aggression. ,“I condemn all acts of terrorism, which must be rejected and condemned by all. I call on political, religious and community leaders on all sides to help calm the situation, avoid spreading inflammatory rhetoric and speak up against those seeking to incite and escalate the situation.” ,In a debate about conditions in detention and how to do more to protect female detainees during the COVID-19 crisis, the UN human rights office, OHCHR, warned that overcrowding had led to serious harm..

ipl t20 kkr match schedule,The UN chief said she would also champion gender equality and youth empowerment, as well as being a “keen advocate for quality education, poverty alleviation and inclusive governance”. ,Actions such as increased patrols, deployment of naval assets, enhanced coordination, as well as convictions, have served as deterrents to criminal activity. .

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“The political deadlock persists with no clear end in sight to the prolonged stalemate over the executive,” Mr. Bathily told the Council.  ,ipl t20 kkr match schedule,As more countries turn to nuclear energy to meet their needs, especially in the face of energy shortages, the IAEA’s responsibility to ensure that nuclear technologies are safe, secure and peacefully used has only grown, said Mr. Kőrösi. .

The CTBT complements the non-proliferation treaty, said Mr. Floyd, and it has already made a difference in the world. ,The incident occurred on Thursday when armed men in uniform encircled Karma village, located in northern Yatenga province, and randomly shot at people.  At least 150 civilians were killed, and many more wounded, according to reports. ,ipl t20 kkr team tomorrow,Success hinges on the ability and willingness of political leaders to “urgently initiate sustainable solutions” to end deadlock and economic paralysis said Joanna Wronecka, stressing that State institutions must be reformed to meet people’s needs..

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“Unity in Diversity: An Evening of Art and Hope with Nigerian Women” will feature excerpts from Ms. Itua’s book “We Are the Blessings of Africa,” as well as monologues from Ifeoma Fafunwa’s HEAR WORD! and Nadine Ibrahim’s films “Tolu” and “Through Her Eyes.” ,ipl t20 kkr team tomorrow,“As we approach the midway point of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we see that our current progress is far off-track”, she said.,On Monday, Human Rights Day, the UN Women-managed global grant-making mechanism to eradicate all forms of violence against women and girls, the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women, held a fundraising luncheon in Santa Monica, California, one of the hubs of the #MeToo movement that rose up last year against sexual harassment and abuse, by powerful men in the entertainment industry..

This past August, deadly clashes between the two sides rocked Tripoli. The crisis was triggered in March, after the eastern parliament selected a new government, however the UN and internationally-backed Prime Minister, refused to stand down.  ,Similar fears were expressed on Saturday by Martin Griffiths, the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator. In a Tweet, Mr. Griffiths said that more violence would only makes things worse for the nearly 16 million people, around a third of the population, in need of humanitarian aid.,Convened by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the Peace Building Commission (PBC) participants set out to promote greater international coherence and resilience in support of communities living in conflict-affected States. ,ipl t20 kkr match schedule.

“I urge governments to put women and girls at the centre of their efforts to recover from COVID-19. That starts with women as leaders, with equal representation and decision-making power”, he said in a video message to accompany the report’s launch.,what is bingo card games,“There is a glimmer of hope now with the peace agreement, but we know much more needs to be done, and we are here to see how we can help that,” he said. “The only way to bring durable peace is to build an inclusive peace.”,“Today, we also have the overarching 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, she stated, which “guides our efforts to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity for all”..

- UN Experts on Human Rights,“It is to be in solidarity with women and to look at how we can address, in a stronger manner, the challenges that are facing women and girls, especially violence against women.”,“The global rise of information has deeply affected rural women in poor countries, who often find themselves on the wrong side of the digital divide: because they live in developing countries, in rural areas, and because they are women, leaving them more likely poor and vulnerable to economic and climatic shocks,” explained FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva.,ipl t20 kkr team tomorrow.

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And hostilities spilling over into neighbouring countries, are putting an extra four million children at risk.,Pramila Patten, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative working to end rape as a weapon of war, was addressing a high-level debate on strengthening accountability as a means to deliver justice for survivors and prevent future violence. ,“If young people have the right support, education, and means, they can go on to build better societies. They have energy, creativity, and innovation to power entrepreneurship and create jobs for themselves and others,” she wrote in an opinion piece, published in the Miami Herald on Friday..

casino spiele für zuhause,Eighty SEA cases were reported at peacekeeping and political missions in 2019, while 95 allegations were recorded at other UN entities. ,“We need to see the same logic applied on the political front, to help find a way forward,” he said, referring to actions such as step-for-step confidence building measures, resuming and substantively advancing constitutional talks, and working towards a nationwide ceasefire. .

Citing rising rates of violence and misogyny; the extreme under-representation of women in decision-making positions; and a myriad of challenges faced by those in conflict, the top UN official observed that the power imbalance between men and women remains “the most stubborn and persistent of all inequalities”.,“It violates the fundamental rights of its victims, including their physical integrity and rights not to be subject to torture or other cruel treatment and to life, sexual and reproductive health,” they said.,Mr. Grundberg cautioned against “short-term measures and a piecemeal approach that focuses on individual issues”.   .

On arrival in the country on Saturday, the senior UN official met with Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire and Foreign Minister Ahmed Isse Awad in the capital, Mogadishu, as well as with women representatives from the business community, politics and civil society.,The UNICEF chief said It is incumbent on all in the international community to ensure children “do not pay the price for the wars of adults, and to take the bold, concrete action required to improve the protection of some of the world’s most vulnerable children.”,If the current pace of humanitarian funding continues, the projected shortfall would stand at 5 million in 2024, growing to US1 million by 2026..

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“Unity in Diversity: An Evening of Art and Hope with Nigerian Women” will feature excerpts from Ms. Itua’s book “We Are the Blessings of Africa,” as well as monologues from Ifeoma Fafunwa’s HEAR WORD! and Nadine Ibrahim’s films “Tolu” and “Through Her Eyes.” ,The right for women to vote goes hand in hand with several of AWN’s efforts to create new social networks and connect different groups of women in a common effort to speak out for women’s leadership and to end violence against women.,UN Special Representative Abdoulaye Bathily briefed ambassadors on the ongoing impasse and other obstacles to the vote, which was postponed last December. .

casino spiele für zuhause,Mr. Moratinos said the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, personally selected and recommended Fez as the host city because of its tremendous symbolism, being a strong patrimony of culture and religion. ,Neighbouring Oman has been involved in peace talks with the warring parties in Yemen, running in parallel with UN efforts, led by Special Envoy Hans Grundberg, who Mr. Dujarric said was continuing to “explore options to extend and expand” a UN-brokered six-month truce, which expired last October..

Meanwhile, some 800 people in Belarus have been imprisoned on political grounds and more than 270 civil society organizations and independent media have been or are being liquidated.,Various coercive or fraudulent methods are used to obtain consent, including abduction, deception, abuse of vulnerability and the receiving of payments or gifts. ,“There were two women lying in bed in the post-partum ward of the maternity wing when the building collapsed inside”, said Eluderne Déenius, a senior nurse and midwife. “You can still see the beds crushed beneath concrete”, she added, “but very fortunately the two women felt the tremor and escaped outside”..

“By responding to demands in a timely manner, country specific meetings have been held at the requests of Colombia, Central African Republic, Guinea Bissau, Liberia and Burkina Faso, while regional meetings took place on Sahel, Lake Chad Basin, and Pacific Islands to discuss specific peacebuilding challenges and priorities of those countries and regions,” he said.,“From the smallest village to the global stage, the rule of law (ROL) is all that stands between peace and stability, and a brutal struggle for power and resources”, he said, arguing that it protects the vulnerable; prevents discrimination; bolsters trust in institutions; supports inclusive economies and societies; and is the first line of defence against atrocity crimes.,Described as a “beacon of hope” by UN Secretary-General António Guterres at the signing ceremony for the plan on 27 July in Istanbul, with representatives from Russian and Ukraine, the agreement has made it possible for almost 240 vessels to leave Ukrainian ports with some 5.4 million metric tons of grain and other foodstuffs, since 1 August 2022..

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