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Her work has been supported on the ground this year by Field Victims’ Rights Advocates based in the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti and South Sudan.,casino on 35 in oklahoma,Their statement comes in the aftermath of a deadly jailbreak in January at a facility in the Al-Hasekeh region, led by ISIL combatants in an attempt to free detained counterparts. ,Noting in a statement that “approximately 250 people, many of them young persons”, had been killed since mid-April in demonstrations against President Daniel Ortega’s Government, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein highlighted a “climate of intimidation and insecurity” on the streets..

Citing one example, the High Commissioner said that between January and April this year, 58 Rohingya who returned were arrested and convicted on unspecified charges.,The Secretary-General nominated Ms. Bachelet after consulting widely with the Chairs of the regional groups of Member States.  Her name now goes forward for consideration and approval by the 193-member UN General Assembly.,Six people were reportedly killed and several wounded in the capital, N’Djamena, on Tuesday – and in the second largest city, Moundou, Marta Hurtado, spokesperson for OHCHR, told the regular press briefing in Geneva. ,egg game free online play.

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The development comes 10 months after so-called “reconciliation agreements” in Dar’a Governorate between the Government of Syria and some armed non-State groups. Under the deal, the Government re-established its civilian authority across the whole province, but some of the armed groups continued to retain effective military control in some areas.,egg egg game online,“We deplore what appears to be a smear campaign aimed at discrediting or vilifying human rights defenders as ‘terrorists’ and ‘coup-mongers’, and apparent attempts to undermine the opposition,” the human rights experts’ statement read. .

On a visit to Colombia and other Latin American countries, the High Commissioner for Refugees called the situation “shocking,” and praised Colombia for sheltering and caring for Venezuelans during critical times.,The victims have included politicians, male and female party activists and persons with albinism - the condition where those affected are born with lighter skin, hair and eye colour.,egg game free online play,AI Technology will fundamentally change society..

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The Mission chair noted that its investigations had identified “previously undiscovered mass graves in the town”, which is around 65 kilometres from the capital, Tripoli, through the use of advanced technology. “We don’t know how many, now need to be excavated. But there have been hundreds of persons who have not yet been discovered, who have been disappeared.”,“The dramatic increase in attacks this year shows the Government’s gross failure to protect its people, particularly those who already suffer most from discrimination and violence,” they said. ,The continuing plight of nearly one million Rohingya refugees driven from their homes in Myanmar was the focus of Mr. Guterres’ trip along with Jim Yong Kim, the President of the World Bank Group, during a visit last week to Bangladesh – the country where they have found safe-haven..

casino on 35 in oklahoma,The appeal on Wednesday by Special Rapporteur on human rights and toxics, Baskut Tuncak, follows a UN panel report on alleged human rights violations by the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Kosovo, UNMIK.,“Many are unable to sustain basic livelihoods, access their property, civil documentation, bank accounts, or access inheritance due in part to persisting discriminatory laws and practices pre-dating the conflict,” said Ms. Bachelet. .

“There are increasing reports suggesting the numbers killed are certainly in the dozens, in at least two figures, some reports (are) even higher. So, it would be very useful to have a better, clearer picture but it is clearly very significant, very alarming situation and widespread across the country.”,Speaking at a meeting of the Human Rights Council, High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet shared reports of more than 27,000 arrests since 9 August, when protesters began contesting the result of presidential elections. ,“It continues to be a driver of persistent inequality…to deny people their fundamental human rights”, added Secretary-General António Guterres in an address to the General Assembly, marking the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination..

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The Working Group will share its preliminary observations with the French Government and propose the start of dialogue in the framework of an official country visit. ,egg egg game online,According to Marta Hurtado, spokesperson for the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), 14-year-old Paraguayan citizen Carmen Elizabeth Oviedo Villalba, has reportedly been missing since early December. .

“It promotes racism, xenophobia and misogyny; it dehumanizes individuals and communities; and it has a serious impact on our efforts to promote peace and security, human rights, and sustainable development,” underscored Secretary-General António Guterres.,“These attacks have occurred in a context of socio-political and human rights crisis, which has worsened since 2018”, said OCHA, adding that laws recently approved by the National Assembly further restrict the civic and democratic space. ,egg game free online play,“Seven years after the historic Commission of Inquiry report on the DPRK, not only does impunity prevail, but human rights violations that may amount to crimes against humanity continue to be committed”, said UN High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet.  .

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R.R.’s parents found her body the next morning.  She had been shot in the eye, head, and chest.  Her salwar, or trousers, was pulled down to mid-thigh, and her blouse was lifted up to her neck.  There were scratches on her breasts. ,casino on 35 in oklahoma,“Young people are on the front lines of action against the climate emergency, which poses a serious threat to human rights and to human life. Young women are at the forefront, making the link between the denial of their rights and rising populism, xenophobia and discrimination of all kinds.  ,OHCHR was among a range of voices calling on the Government to ensure that its security forces conduct themselves in strict accordance with international law during all operations..

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He noted that hundreds of offenders – often impoverished, women or hailing from minority groups - have been executed without legal representation or transparent criminal proceedings, which might have spared them from the death penalty.,A number of international and inter-governmental institutions have condemned the legislation, including the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN Human Rights Committee, the Council of Europe, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and the European Commission.,Every person on this planet has the right to nationality and the right to say I belong - Filippo Grandi, UNHCR chief.

casino on 35 in oklahoma,Ms. Bachelet revealed how speaking out and standing up for environmental rights can come at enormous cost as activists have been killed or subjected to abuse, threats and harassment.   ,He added that six villagers had been shot “with live ammunition, leaving three of them in a serious condition. It is unclear whether any settlers were also injured, and if so how many.” .

“The serious question marks over her conviction appear not to have been adequately addressed before she was executed. The bottom line is that she was a juvenile at the time the offence was committed, and international law clearly prohibits the execution of juvenile offenders.”,Independent experts are not UN staff, neither are they paid by the Organization.,According to High Commissioner Bachelet, the two non-profit human rights organisations were set up by the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights (IACHR), “in full cooperation with the Government after the violence and unrest earlier this year”. One of them is MESENI, a follow-up mechanism from IACHR set up specifically for Nicaragua, and the other is known as GIEI – the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts..

"For years, my mandate has raised concerns about the worldwide overuse of solitary confinement which is subject to widespread arbitrariness", said Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on torture.,The experts said that they were aware that some of the demonstrators themselves had resorted to violence, “but we fear that the disproportionate response to these excesses may deter the population from continuing to exercise its fundamental freedoms.”,More investors are beginning to take note of human rights risks and pressuring companies to step up their efforts to prevent abuses, according to the report, but further progress needs to be made..

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Their recommendation comes in the wake of the Pegasus spyware scandal targeting hundreds of journalists, activists and politicians. ,The Convention is the most widely-ratified international human rights accord in history; a landmark achievement which meant “for the first time, governments explicitly recognized that children have the same human rights as adults”, UN chief António Guterres said, adding that the document put in the spotlight the “specific additional rights that recognize their special status as dependents.”,Braille brings written language to the forefront as a critical prerequisite for promoting fundamental freedoms. The system relies on touch to recognize alphabetic and numerical symbols, using six dots to represent each letter and number and even musical, mathematical and scientific symbols..

casino on 35 in oklahoma,Ms. Lee also visited the island of Bhashan Char, which the Bangladesh Government is reportedly transforming into a camp for some of the Rohingya refugees, despite concerns that it could be vulnerable to extreme weather events such as cyclones.,"International law must be the basis for seeking justice for the victims of war crimes in this interminable conflict, and the international community must resolutely support the laws and the institutions that it has created and nurtured.".

The ICC prosecutor said that before initiating a formal investigation, she would ask for a ruling by the Pre-Trial Chamber to confirm that the territory over which the Court may exercise its jurisdiction comprises the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza.,In an appeal for “hugely more international support”, Mr. Yaxley noted that this year’s humanitarian appeal – which also covers its partners in the field – has been funded at only 38 per cent.,“The heart-rending photo published just yesterday showing the lifeless bodies of Salvadoran toddler Valeria and her father Oscar on the bank of the Rio Grande is a stark reminder of the perils facing migrants trying to reach the US,” said Henrietta Fore. “It is a searing image that should shake each of us to our core.”.

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She added that there was particular concern that the Government “is targeting those who, in a purely humanitarian role, help people who are seeking asylum”, before urging the authorities “to halt any measures that would further increase the vulnerability of people who are simply looking for a safe haven”.,The mass population movement follows the Angolan Government’s decision to expel Congolese migrants, many of whom were working in the informal mining sector in the northeast of the country.,The man’s mother was brutally murdered and his house was torched to ashes. He then took refuge in a mosque but was discovered by soldiers who abused him and burned the Koran..

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casino on 35 in oklahoma,They intended to escort the young woman back to their home district, reportedly at her request, but were attacked and chased into a river. Five men, four of whom were also Dalits, were later found dead, while another is still missing.,Regarding Hong Kong, Ms. Bachelet urged the Government to nurture – and not stifle – the tremendous potential for civil society and academics in Hong Kong to contribute to the promotion and protection of human rights. She described the arrests of lawyers, activists, journalists and others under the National Security Law as “deeply worrying”, and noted that Hong Kong is due to be reviewed by the UN Human Rights Committee in July..

Dismissing as “unacceptable” any attempt to delegitimize their humanitarian work, Ms. Giammarinaro said that civil society organizations globally play “a pivotal role” in saving lives.,Today, the international health community is doing the same”, introducing the WHO Global Action Plan for health.  Speaking to health champions at the UN’s Trusteeship Council Chamber in New York, Mr. Ghebryesus said the “historic commitment”, will serve as a platform to help countries get back on track when it comes to health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the subject of conversation for the next two days during the UN’s high level summit on the blueprint.  ,“Also, it is important that any victims of unnecessary or excessive use of force do have the right to remedy, and there should be, as we often say, prompt, independent, impartial and transparent investigations into any allegations of human rights violations, and that should ensure that those responsible are held accountable”, she added..

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It is particularly troubling that the authorities have resorted to enforced disappearances in an effort to quash protests, stifle dissent and sow fear –  Independent experts,They were appointed by the UN Human Rights Council and are neither UN staff, nor are they paid by the Organization.,The latest death occurred on Saturday when a young man called Walid al-Sharif, succumbed to injuries sustained during clashes last month at the Al Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem..

casino on 35 in oklahoma,“When information about my [HIV] status reached my manager, he called me to his office,” said an anonymous individual facing discrimination, in the report. “First he told me I was working badly – doing too little work. Then he asked me to submit my resignation, without any serious explanation – as if I were resigning voluntarily.”,The move comes just days after the Human Rights Council established a panel of experts to investigate systemic racism in policing against people of African descent, and on the heels of a report by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), prompted by the police killing of George Floyd in 2020..

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During Saturday’s virtual press conference, Ms. Bachelet, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, outlined the new opportunities for dialogue between her office and the Chinese authorities that were discussed during the visit, which include an annual senior strategic meeting, and a working group that will meet in Beijing and Geneva, as well as online.,lucky ladys charm slot game play,Michelle Bachelet -- a former doctor, health minister and Head of State -- acknowledged the challenge facing governments as they grapple with the medical crisis, while also trying to save their economies from collapsing.,Special Rapporteurs Fernand de Varennes and Balakrishnan Rajagopal said the move could result in “irreparable damage” to the minority community. .

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“We are deeply distressed by the excessive and unlawful use of force by police and members of the ESMAD (Mobile Anti-Riot Squad) against peaceful demonstrators, human rights defenders and journalists across Colombia”, they said on Friday. ,egg game free online play,To hear our full conversation with Ms. Achiume, listen here to our latest special edition of The Lid is On, along with other in-depth coverage surrounding the 20th anniversary of the Durban Declaration, on our Durban Sketches page. ,But with the 2025 deadline fast approaching, Mr. Qu stressed that effective action and “strong and coherent leadership from agri-food stakeholders across the globe, is critical”..

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UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, Ahmed Shaheed said the recent wave of detentions in Yemen appears to be an intimidation tactic intended to pressure Baha'is into recanting their faith.,live blackjack casino sites,“In addition, states must recognize indigenous peoples’ rights to self-determination; lands, territories and resources; to a nationality, as well as rights of family, education, health, culture and language.”,“The Kaibiles suspected the inhabitants of Dos Erres of sympathizing with left-wing guerrillas, and after carrying out a search of the village for weapons, they proceeded to systematically shoot or bludgeon to death hundreds of men, women and children,” the OHCHR spokesperson explained..

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In the decision, the Committee requested that Venezuela declare the criminal proceedings against Allan Brewer Carías null and void, and that he be awarded adequate compensation. It also called for the State to take steps to prevent the recurrence of such violations.,leinster v toulouse betting odds,Speaking at a meeting of the Human Rights Council, High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet shared reports of more than 27,000 arrests since 9 August, when protesters began contesting the result of presidential elections. ,The flight was heading from Tehran to Kiev on 8 January 2020 when it was struck by two Iranian missiles, killing all 176 people on board.   .

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They were killed while returning to NGO’s Loikaw office after responding to humanitarian needs in a nearby community. ,The UNAMI-OHCHR report also documents the “significant challenges” families of the missing face in trying to find the fate of their loved ones.,Their journey is arduous, especially when opting for irregular migration routes. The dangers of inclement weather, including soaring temperatures and lack of shelter are high, especially for children, say UN agencies..

“We should ask ourselves: what kind of world do we want to live in by then? I would like to imagine a world where older persons everywhere are guaranteed to live a life of dignity, with economic security.,Spokesperson Liz Throssell said OHCHR was deeply concerned by recent incidents in both countries which saw individuals glorify atrocity crimes and convicted war criminals, target certain communities with hate speech, and, in some cases, directly incite violence. ,The UN International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia is mandated to conduct a thorough and impartial probe into allegations of violations and abuses of international human rights law..

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Previous OHCHR reports have highlighted killings, the use of excessive force against demonstrators, arbitrary detentions, ill-treatment and torture. The latest publication warns that “if the situation does not improve, the unprecedented outflow of Venezuelan migrants and refugees will continue, and the living conditions of those who remain will worsen”.,And women living with HIV are less likely to be employed then their male counterparts because of unpaid care responsibilities, and a lack of independent income. ,“While it is difficult for UNICEF to verify these reports, children must be protected at all times from all forms of violence, harm, cruelty and mistreatment whether physical or mental” stressed Mr. Cappelaere..

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To this end, they urged President Trump to not only “stop using his platform to denigrate the media” but to condemn the attacks, including press threats at his own rallies.,“Israel's policies and actions build Palestinian frustration and lead to a sense of despair. They fuel the cycle of violence and the protraction of conflict.”  ,“We believe Mr. Navalny’s life is in serious danger,” the UN independent human rights experts said in a statement.  .

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Despite the signing of a peace deal between belligerents last September, UN investigators found that at least 175 women and girls have been raped or suffered other sexual and physical violence between September and December 2018.,As of 19 May, COVID-19 had reached all 54 African States, infecting 88,172 people – 16,433 of them in South Africa, which recorded the highest number of cases.  The continent had lost a total 2,834 people to the virus.,The Working Group will share its preliminary observations with the French Government and propose the start of dialogue in the framework of an official country visit. .

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Moreover, some cells being used have no windows, leaving detainees in darkness, sometimes up to 24 hours a day, either because there is no exercise yard, or as a security measure. The lack of latrines also forces inmates to relieve themselves in buckets.,He pointed out that by investigating the allegations, and initiating and completing criminal proceedings, the US military justice system had been in compliance with international law. ,Her intervention comes in the wake of recent reports of horrific rapes in numerous parts of the world, including Algeria, Bangladesh, India, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan and Tunisia. .

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Several other capital punishment sentences have been carried out Iran in recent days: between 19 and 26 December, at least eight individuals were executed in different prisons across the country.,The UN rights chief met with a wide range of people in the country, including senior officials and parliamentarians, representatives from the international community and civil society, as well as families of victims of the conflict.,The report – from the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) and the UN human rights office (OHCHR) – details violations and abuses by State security forces, including the police and intelligence agencies, and non-State groups, including Al Shabaab, before, during and after parliamentary and presidential elections held in late 2016 and early 2017..

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“The implementation of the Algiers Agreement in 2015 in northern Mali, with the gradual redeployment of the rebuilt Malian Armed Forces (FAMA) in Kidal and Timbuktu and their upcoming deployment in Menaka and Taoudeni, is an important step towards the return to peace,” said Mr. Tine.,"Young people are rightly demanding that governments listen to them and respect them. Their voices must be heard,” he said. ,“While States have the sovereign prerogative to manage their borders, they must also recognize international human rights standards and ensure that migrants are not subjected to violence, discrimination, or other treatment that would violate their rights”, they said..

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On the same matter, Canada urged Mexico to “develop and fully implement” guidelines for the investigation into cases of femicide in states of the federation where they are absent.,We were chased into train wagons, and my father, like an angel, pushed us to the little window surrounded by barbed wire, so we could breathe: they put so many people in the wagons, that some would die from suffocation. ,Particular concerns involve the ongoing harassment of human rights defenders, relatives of victims, witnesses and legal counsel dealing with cases of enforced disappearance..

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It states that, after a review of the circumstances in which the Council of Ministers of the colony of Mauritius agreed in principle to the detachment of the Chagos Archipelago, “the Court considers that this detachment was not based on the free and genuine expression of the will of the people concerned.”,International Roma Day was born in 1990 in Serock, Poland, the site of the fourth World Romani Congress. It is a day to celebrate Romani culture and raise awareness of the issues facing Romani people.,In a statement released on Wednesday, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, welcomed the acknowledgement by the Government of Cameroon – following a national investigation – that members of its military were involved in the deaths of at least 13 people in a village in the country’s northwest region, as well as the announcement of new legal proceedings against them..

casino on 35 in oklahoma,Continuing its debate on the promotion of human rights, which opened at headquarters in New York on Monday, the Third Committee of the General Assembly heard from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachet, about the growing problem of inequality across a multitude of sectors.  ,One of the first people to work as a volunteer at the quarantine centre in the town of Pyay was a man named Min Min. Like other centres around the country, this one was in a school that was repurposed for the pandemic. .

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