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In relation to the other attacks, he said there had been two main developments: first, the Commission had found additional elements to corroborate the links already found between the Hariri case and some of the other attacks; and the Commission had found elements to link one additional attack to the Hariri case.,cheerplex free tips jackpot,Protests have also been reported in other Arab cities and villages within Israel, as well in cities around the region and beyond, from Lebanon and Jordan to Malaysia and Bangladesh.,The 24th of October, the day in 1945 when the Charter of the United Nations entered into force, is celebrated annually as UN Day. In 1971, the General Assembly recommended that the day be observed by UN Member States as a public holiday..

“Our courageous peacekeepers are among the best of what the United Nations has to offer,” Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro remarked during a wreath-laying ceremony at UN Headquarters in New York to honour fallen colleagues.,According to UNAMA, in claiming responsibility, the Taliban stated that five attackers entered the hotel to target Afghan officials and foreign nationals.,It is time for our words to be tested in Gaza  Nickolay Mladenov, Special Coordinator,zigzag online casino.

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In the south, civilians in Al-Rukban camp remain inaccessible to the humanitarian team in Syria. The last time the camp was supplied with food and non-food items was from across the border in early January, the statement said.,zidane world cup win,“Moreover,” continued the Special Rapporteur, “as peace talks progress, a comprehensive assessment of the overall penitentiary system in North Korea will become unavoidable.”.

“The returns were carried out despite UNHCR’s requests to the Angolan authorities to undertake joint screening of the unregistered group,” the spokesperson said.,The situation isn’t as dire as that yet, he added, but a lot of places are “on the cusp” of passing into severe vulnerability.,zigzag online casino,He said that over the past four months, some high-profile perpetrators were brought to justice: Bosnian Serb General Ratko Mladic was convicted of genocide; Salvadoran Colonel Inocente Orlando Montano has been extradited to Spain to face charges related to killings in San Salvador in 1989; and two Argentinian former Navy Captains, Alfredo Astiz and Jorge Eduardo Acosta, were convicted for crimes against humanity committed between 1976 and 1983..

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“The indictments… will be presented to the Pre-Trial Judge for confirmation when I am satisfied that I have enough evidence to meet the threshold that is provided by the statute of the Tribunal, which is guilt beyond a reasonable doubt,” he stated.,In a statement issued today, the members of the Security Council stressed that “the Agreement offers a real prospect for resolving Libya's political, security, and institutional crises.”,“I condemn this deadly attack on six guards of the Virunga National Park and their driver,” said Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, on Wednesday..

cheerplex free tips jackpot,“The explosion at the Beirut port has accelerated a lot of things, that's for sure”, said Deputy Special Coordinator Najat Rochdi, who is also UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Lebanon, speaking to reporters at the UN in Geneva, referring to the deadly blast last August that killed around 200 and devastated the city. ,The 24th of October, the day in 1945 when the Charter of the United Nations entered into force, is celebrated annually as UN Day. In 1971, the General Assembly recommended that the day be observed by UN Member States as a public holiday..

“This year we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The principles and standards enshrined in the Universal Declaration should guide the search for a durable solution to the question of Palestine”, said Ms. Mohammed, adding that a solution had to be found “that must be based on international law, the legitimate aspirations of Palestinians and Israelis, as well as dialogue for reconciliation and for accountability.”,Through training workshops and campaigns with local communities, Ms. Chota contributed to a shift in how communities deal with rape, domestic violence, child marriage and forced marriage, by recognising marital rape as a criminal offence.,On Friday, Secretary General António Guterres said that the time has come to end the offensive, start serious negotiations and avoid a prolonged civil war or the isolation of Afghanistan. .

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The Council decided to maintain the overall force levels of UNMISS with a troop ceiling of 17,000 troops, which includes a Regional Protection Force at levels to be set by the Secretary-General but not exceeding 4,000, and maintaining the ceiling of 2,101 police personnel, including individual police officers, formed police units and 78 corrections officers.,In May 2014, the Security Council created the 'Captain Mbaye Diagne Medal' to honor the military and members of the police and civilian personnel of UN and associated personnel who braved extreme danger in carrying out their duties or duties in "the service of humanity and the United Nations.",Finally, the Council further spotlighted the importance that MINUSMA have the necessary capacities, including combat convoy companies, to fulfil its mandate and promote the safety and security of the UN peacekeepers..

zidane world cup win,Last month, the parties – meeting in Morocco under the facilitation of the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and head of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), Bernardino León – reached consensus on the main elements of a political agreement aimed at resolving the ongoing crisis.,“The explosion at the Beirut port has accelerated a lot of things, that's for sure”, said Deputy Special Coordinator Najat Rochdi, who is also UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Lebanon, speaking to reporters at the UN in Geneva, referring to the deadly blast last August that killed around 200 and devastated the city. .

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In a statement issued this evening by his spokesperson, Mr. Ban called on both parties to suspend any action that alters that status quo and to withdraw all armed elements so as to prevent any further escalation and permit the UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO) to hold discussions with both parties on the situation.,zidane world cup win,“The Secretary-General is keenly aware of the particular plight of those individuals, as well as the other members of these most vulnerable communities who also lived in the IDP camps” and “wishes to express the Organization’s profound regret for the suffering endured by all individuals living in the IDP camps,” the Spokesperson said..

“Fast food justice is not on the menu. And, let me be clear, there will be no indictment of convenience.”,The appeal for 2021, which is a 35 per cent increase over the funds requested for this year, is the largest ever by the UN agency. It will support essential programmes in 149 countries and territories. ,zigzag online casino,Separately, Lassina Zerbo, Executive Secretary of the UN-partner Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO), applauded the commitment to “complete denuclearization” as pledged in the Panmunjom Declaration..

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In a brief interview today, the Secretary-General's Special Representative for South Sudan and head of UNMISS, Ellen Margrethe Løj, spoke about the visit and its significance.,zigzag online casino,Indonesian authorities reportedly foiled attacks on other churches in the sprawling port city.,The most recent resumed emergency session was in 2009 when the Assembly called a meeting on East Jerusalem and the Occupied Palestinian Territory..

“Sadly, this is largely the result of rival groups who insist on putting petty concerns above those of the Libyan people. They are denying their country a future and have made Libya a base of instability, and a threat to regional and international security,” he stated.,In another tragic incident over the weekend, civilian vehicles were hit in Taizz, located in the south-west.,Welcoming the AU-EU strategic partnership, the Secretary-General expressed the UN's commitment to support the efforts of these organizations and described how such cooperation takes place in Africa.,zidane world cup win.

This includes formal interventions but also what he called “backdoor mediation”, as well as initiatives that involve affected communities.,blackjack split double down,The UN agency continues to register new refugee arrivals at the Sudanese-Ethiopian border, where around 800 people have crossed into eastern Sudan so far this year.,UNAMA commended the stated preparedness of Afghan authorities to discuss all issues as part of a peace process, including such key aspects as the constitution and the lifting of sanctions against persons and entities, as well as the release of prisoners..

In a separate statement, Tadamichi Yamamoto, the top UN official in Afghanistan and head of the UN Assistance Mission there known as UNAMA, commended the Government and the Taliban for honoring the ceasefires.,This year’s theme is “Haiti Standing,” to mark the loss of 101 UN peacekeepers in the 12 January quake and highlight the ongoing contributions by the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) to the country’s recovery.,“Our efforts are aimed at sustaining peace, ensuring we remain at the forefront of monitoring and analysing the situation and reinforcing strategic coordination with members of all UN entities, as well as international partners” alongside the authorities in Kosovo, he said.,zigzag online casino.

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“Equally important is the scale of human suffering,” Mr. León continued. “The political and military conflict has exacted a heavy toll on the Libyan people. Death and displacement have become an all too common a theme, particularly in Benghazi which has for the longest duration borne the brunt of the conflict in Libya. Massive displacement of population, the destruction of entire civilian neighbourhoods and vital infrastructure, and large-scale human rights abuses which continue to take place on a regular basis have scarred the city beyond the recognition.”,“They are calling for a lot of investors to come in, private sector to come in, which is really fundamental, actually.  Aid alone is not enough.”,Talking to them about how they coped without our food for seven months, the answer: borrow from friends and family, sell whatever assets we have left, send my children to work on the fields to earn money, get by without eating any bread for months and so on. The women I speak to look 70 years old, but I’m told they’re around 50, their hands rough from hard work..

cheerplex free tips jackpot,“Conflict over resources is indeed at the heart of the Libyan crisis,” he said, pledging that the Mission will not spare any effort to advocate that national wealth be directed toward the provision of public services rather than to special interests.,For Mr. Guterres, mediation is “an absolutely fundamental instrument” in this regard..

More flexible operational support by the UN Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS) will also be needed, along with predictable financing.,Offering congratulations to Alexander Van der Bellen, winner of this past weekend's presidential election, Mr. Ban reaffirmed the commitment of the United Nations to working with Austria and praised the country's efforts to achieve shared values and goals.,He said in a statement that “after a period of political divisions and conflict, Libya is restarting its political transition” with the agreement that “puts in place a single set of legitimate institutions – essential building blocks towards a peaceful, secure and prosperous Libya.”.

The force, set up by the Council in June 2011 after the outbreak of violence when Sudanese troops took control of the area shortly before South Sudan became independent, is entrusted with overseeing demilitarization and maintaining security, and the Council today called for a resumption of border demarcation discussions.,Mr. Guterres called for Multilateral Development Banks, such as the World Bank and Asian Development Bank, to use their funds to attract more private finance to developing countries, and for Member States to meet their government aid commitments.,Meanwhile, a multimedia exhibit entitled Ayiti Kanpe – ‘Haiti Standing’ – which documents and recounts the loss suffered in the 12 January earthquake is on display at UN Headquarters in New York and available online..

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Following broad consultations facilitated by the Secretary-General's Special Representative and head of UNSMIL, Bernardino León, it was announced in mid-October that a national unity government could be proposed. The names of candidates for the government's top council were put forward but the deal stalled when some parties failed to sign off.,“I don’t want to claim a bigger role for the United Nations than it actually had in the relative thaw since then,” Mr. Feltman told the press. “But I do think that the confidence and trust in the UN the parties have demonstrated, and all that represents, is further evidence of why we do need to keep the multilateral system strong, why we need the rules-based system.”,On the political front, Mr. Fall noted that all 11 ECCAS member States are either midway or early in their respective electoral cycles and, as a result, experiencing civic tensions over the whole electoral process..

cheerplex free tips jackpot,“Since the issuance of the warrant, I have repeatedly called on the Libyan national authorities to comply with their obligation to arrest and surrender Mr. Al-Werfalli to the ICC,” Ms. Bensouda, told Council members.,The co-chairs of a group within the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), namely France, Russia and the United States, has issued an appeal urging all sides to intensify efforts toward a peaceful negotiated solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict involving Armenia and Azerbaijan and to prevent any potential escalations along the line of contact..

Finally, the funds will also help maintain UN Humanitarian Air Service operations, crucial to reach and deliver aid in remote areas of the north-east, especially where roads are unusable.,His Twitter account is carefully watched. His every word is deconstructed and parsed for nuance and intent. He is indefatigable in his advocacy for the five million Palestinian refugees in the Middle East who are the responsibility of UNRWA. A regular voice in media coverage of the Palestine conflict, Mr. Gunness has been reviled and revered for his dogged commitment to easing their plight.,In the month of January alone, escalating violence in Iraq, Libya, the Palestine, Syria and Yemen has claimed the lives of at least 83 children..

“Being a girl child, I dreamt of occupying a powerful position to influence and create change in the community. It was the segregation of women that I experienced in my childhood that gave me the strength to add my voice in everything I did.”,Among those who died was a French police official who swapped himself for one of the hostages taken by the gunman.,Suicide improvised explosive devices (IED) and complex attacks were the leading cause of civilian casualties – a new trend. The Mission found that combats on the ground were the second leading cause, followed by targeted and deliberate killings, explosive remnants of war, and aerial operations..

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